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Mysterious formula

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    Hi all, 'Im a newbie in physics. Studying the laws of wave mechanics and vectors. I ran across this formula "phi cos^2 + phi sin/^2".

    I lost the source. Does anyone know its name? Thank!

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    Looks weird to me. Are you sure you don't mean cos^2 (phi) + sin^2 (phi), that is cos2(phi) + sin2(phi) ?
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    Positive! Im working with wave equations relative to interdimensional travel. Cant find the site where I ran across this one. It's not a variant of Euler's. I think the Phi symbol was substituted in for a partial derivative somewhere.
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    Ok. I have no clue - the notation looks weird to me, I'm not familiar with it. I don't understand what cos^2 and sin/^2 means at all -there are no variables present in those expressions...:confused:
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    Vanadium 50

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    We can't explain an incomplete equation from a dubious and misremembered source. Nobody can.
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