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Mysterious microbe

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    ScienceDaily (Nov. 15, 2008) — An unusual microorganism discovered in the open ocean may force scientists to rethink their understanding of how carbon and nitrogen cycle through ocean ecosystems. A research team led by Jonathan Zehr, professor of ocean sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz, characterized the new microbe by analyzing its genetic material, even though researchers have not been able to grow it in the laboratory.

    This story sort of stood out, i hope it is interesting.
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    It is interesting.. Evidently they are related to other cyanobacteria (f.k.a. bluegreen algae) that do carry on photosynthesis (this one does not). Other cyanobacteria also fix nitrogen, but not to as large an extent as this newly discovered bacterium. They can't make this one grow in the lab, however in nature, it could be a symbiont. It can provide usable nitrogen to neighboring organisms and in turn, they could provide organic matter (food) enabling these cyanobacteria to grow. They are continuing to study this microbe's ecology..
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