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Mysterious window

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    Why is the top of this window appearing at the bottom of the screen? Am I being HACKED!!!! OMG I can't move the window and there isn't anything but the normal spyware that the cable company installs in the task manager. Does anyone know how to force a window to move or how I might link this window to a process name?

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    First thing I'd do is close all applications.

    Press ALT and TAB to switch to that bring the mystery window to the top of the task manager list.

    Then, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up the task manager.

    Record the name of the open window, which hopefully will be at the top of the list in Task Manager. Then, using task manager, close the window.

    Look in your startup folder under program files and see if anything matching that window name is in there.

    I take it you are not able to move the window into view. I've seen things like this, seems alot of times it is just an auto advertisment loader that sites launch on your pc as a popup window so that they can bombard you with advertisment popups.

    Tell me this, do you get alot of adverts?
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    Thanks for the tip on the task manager. I didn't know the current window was put at the top. The window isn't movable, and if I right click it, Move and Restore (faded out ) are on the menu. If i click move, the 4 directional arrow comes up for a second or two and the window disappears.

    I have a firewall installed, so even if it were a program to beckon popup adds to the desktop, either it or they would be stopped I think. The next time the window comes up i'll tell you what the process name is, it comes up at least once a day.
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    If what annoys you is seeing the window, and not is precense, you can :
    1-Check that the taskbar's always on top is enabled.
    2-Use a program to catch the window's ClassName, then make a program to hide that window on start up (programatically). This can be done in VB (if it really annoys you, i can do this for you).
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    How did task manager identify the window?
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    PROGRAMMING TO GET RID OF SPAM Talk about swatting a fly with a tank! Just control,alt,del and get the file name. Do a search both through start>find> files or folders, and also do a search of the registry. You can do this by going to start> run and typing in regedit. Then hit F3, which brings up the search menu, and do a search for the file in there. It's either in the windows startup folder, in the HKLM>SOFTWARE>MICROSOFT>WINDOWS>CURRENT VERSION<RUN directory in the registry, or both.

    Edit: not to scare you, but you wanna get it off there. Although it's unlikely, it's always possible someone's attempting to hack your PC, though it's unlikely given that you have a firewall.
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