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Mythbusters comic

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    Finally, somebody who says it well.


    There. Are we happy now?

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    lol! :rofl:

    I love MythBusters. :smile:
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    It's a great show, and it really does convey some perverted explanation of scientific investigation to people who might otherwise have no interest in it.
    A lot of the people who criticize it don't realize that none of those people are professional scientists. Jamie is one hell of a good 'back-of-the-placemat' engineer, but his degree is in the Russian language. Adam is primarily an artist (graphic design, animation, and sculpture). I think that Grant is actually an electrical or electronics Engineer, but I'm not sure. Given that, of course there will be some 'unprofessional' experiments. At the very least, they very strenuously express the need for safety (sometimes to a ludicrous degree, but that's better than not enough). If only a couple of kids a year develop an interest in science because of them, then it's worth it.
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    Jamie and Adam are awesome! I work for Discovery and I’m stoked for the new http://dsc.discovery.com/fansites/mythbusters/mythbusters.html" [Broken] episodes, the first one airs tomorrow at 9pm. The guys are gonna be blowing up steak and pushing the limits of angry drivers, woohoo! I was thinking about taking a break from all the tv viewing since I was glued to Shark Week, haha, but I’m gonna have to make an exception :)

    A little trivia I got on their website:
    The combined weight of all the world’s ants is equal to that of all the humans on earth… True or False?

    What does the “33” represent on bottles of Rolling Rock beer?

    The worlds largest flower is nearly 10 feet tall and smells like rotting meat… True or False?

    -Brandon Sklar
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    Spam from a TV station? That's a new low.
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