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Myths of Skepticism

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Myths of Skepticism.
    the article continues to include:
    Myths about Science and the Scientific Method.
    Myths of Problem Solving and Decision Making.
    Myths about Belief Systems.
    Myths about Skeptics.

    For the entire discussion, please see this link:

    For other skeptical links:
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    Uh huh...it is a dangerous thing to start claiming absolutes. I would comment specifically on one area that you highlighted:
    This could be called a bias, but it is the good kind, I guess. It is the bias of someone who is open to new evidence, and completely skeptical of the "same old stuff". James Randi's "Million Dollar Challenge" is a good example of this. His main restriction is that you must agree on the exact testing procedure before you can begin the challenge. This allows him to weed out the most common of magician's tricks, that have been debunked so many times that it is simply a waste of time to debunk them yet again.

    As a skeptic, I attempt to be a neutral as possible. However, if I have seen 1000 frauds, it is hard not to be biased against another example of the same 'phenomenon'. How many more times do we have to test obvious nonsense before we declare 'case closed!'?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Here's the part that must drive the never-was-an-ET crowd nuts. Even if we all agree today that there has never been a case of any ET visititation, I can assure you that by tomorrow ET will have landed once again. Muaahhaahhaahaahaa! It's never going to end Zero! You can kill Ivan, but you can't kill the alien. Muaahhaahhaahaahaa!

    I try my best to be intellectually honest. I believe that from this comes skepticism, objectivity, and perhaps at times the acceptance of a new world view. Of course, no one can be completely objective about anything.
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    It would be nice if it wasn't the exact same rubber alien every time, don't you think? Couldn't people create a new story every once in awhile?

    I can be completely objective...gives me a headache though.
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    Part of good science is attempting to be completely objective. Another part is realizing that you failed.

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    OK, taking the bait, how about if I told you that planet Venus had a build-in brake that caused its present state and secondly, there have not been ice ages in the Pleistocene, just wandering ice sheets. Care to debunk that?
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