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Homework Help: N=1 SUSY masive supermultiplets

  1. Nov 2, 2008 #1
    N=1 susy with massive supermultiplets; therefore we have two pairs of raising/lowering operators.
    Define a1 dagger as raising j3 by half and a2 dagger as lowering j3 by half.
    Take vacuum state with j, j3 where j3 has 2J+1 possible values.
    If we act with just a1 dagger we get superposition of states, both with j3+1/2 but one has j+1/2 and one has j-1/2 .
    If we act just with a2 dagger we get a similar situation but with j3-1/2 .
    But if we act with both a1 and a2 dagger we only get a state with j, j3. I understand that the j3 is additive, but surely we should have states with j plus or minus one as well? It seems to be postulated that the spin can only go up or down by half but not by one?
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