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N-Body Simulations

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    I read due interest papers in Arxiv. There is many times refereed to so called N-Body Simulations.

    Is that for Matter or Dark Matter? How does it work, can someone explain or suggest good readings?

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    N-body simulations are computer simulations, usually simulating large structure formations and gravitational interactions. However not in all cases. Loosely put it simulates particle interaction and some force

    http://www.scholarpedia.org/article/N-body_simulations_(gravitational [Broken])

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    And it is used because you can't solve it analytically for more than 2 particles? Or is it just a matter of time?
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    N-body simulations can include just dark matter (interacting through gravity only), or mixtures of dark matter and ordinary matter(which also interact through other forces). They are used because, as you said, there are no analytic solutions for more than two particles. N-body simulations of galaxies and clusters of galaxies can contain millions or billions of particles.
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