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N Body simulations

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    We conclude that the “problems” often cited as challenges to ΛCDM are resolved in simulations that reproduce the dynamical constraints of the Local Group environment and include a realistic galaxy formation model. Reionisation and supernova feedback allow galaxy formation to proceed only in a small subset of dark matter halos, eliminating the “missing satellites” problem. It is notable that the very same galaxy formation model calibrated to reproduce the galaxy population in cosmologically representative volumes naturally produces a LG galaxy population in volumes consistent with the LG kinematics in ΛCDM.

    How accurate are these N Body simulations, if they are accurate then the missing satellite problem has been solved.
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    Buzz Bloom

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    Hi wolram:

    There is a Wikipedia article on this topic.
    The article's most current reference (ignoring the figure source) is from 2010.
    Bullock (2010). "Notes on the Missing Satellites Problem". arXiv:1009.4505v1
    Perhaps it would be useful to add a sentence or two to the Wikipedia article citing ansummarizing the paper you link to in your post.

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