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N= cv

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    c = 1mol/dm3

    v = 25cm3

    would i have to keep the units constant, as in multiply the 25cm3 by 1000??

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    Are there 1000 dm3 per cm3? I think not.
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    You should keep the units consistant. Use either dm3 or cm3.

    If you feel confused in converting between the two, just do it at lower level:

    dm is 0.10 meter? cm is 0.01 meter.

    (1 dm)(1 dm)(1 dm)*(10 cm/1 dm)*(10 cm/1 dm)*(10 cm/1 dm)= what?
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    thanks i actually figured it out

    but, i forgot whether M x cm^3 equaled to some other unit?
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    It's also useful to keep in mind that 1 L = 1 dm3 and 1 mL = 1 cm3.
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    Yes. One thousandth of the unit you will get from M x dm3.
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