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N-dimensional time

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    The idea of 3,4,....11 dimensional spacetime has been around for a while.

    This always means (N-1)-dimensional space, with the usual addition of time as one dimensional.

    Are there any serious thoughts on the possibility of M-dimensional time, and what this would mean in the physical world?

    (Maybe this is somewhat of a parallel discussion to the earlier post of 'imaginary time' here, but I decided to start a new thread anyway)
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    F theory

    there's a theory that adds another time dimension and it's called f theory.
    the developer of theory is cumrun vafa.
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    Here is something to contemplate.

    The four dimensions of basic relativity are ct, x, y, z. Though often called one time dimension and three space dimensions, in fact, 'ct' is a space dimension (speed times time). A famous relativity space invariant equation is

    s2 = - (ct)2 + x2 + y2 + z2

    Now represent this by substituting uniform variable names from

    x0 <== ct
    x1 <== x
    x2 <== y
    x3 <== z

    Here is the result.

    s2 = - x02 + x12 + x22 + x32

    Every term is a space term.

    But it can all be rewritten in time dimensions.

    &TAU <== is/c
    t0 <== t
    t1 <== x/c
    t2 <== y/c
    t3 <== z/c

    The result.

    &TAU2 = + t02 - t12 - t22 - t32

    This is a relativity time invariant equation using four time dimensions.
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    This has few to be with the subject however, when I was 'studiying' Quantum Mechanics, one day my teacher told (looking at me when I was about to fall asleep) that the time was not a dimension, it was a parameter. I never understood what he was talking about that day.
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    Your teacher was right. Space has three degrees of freedom, that is what a dimension is, a degree of freedom. But you can't move around in time the same way, if you move around in space a lot you change your movement in time some, but bsically you move through time at the same rate, whether you want to or not.
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