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N Points on a Plane

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    Here's a riddle I'm having trouble solving:
    There are N points on a plane. Find the two points that are closest, in time better than O(N^2).

    Any idea?
    Thanks :)
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    randomly pick point p. then choose point P+1.... :-p
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    Nice problem. Are you sure there is a solution? I'll think on it some more if you know that it can be solved (well, I'll think on it anyways).
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    I know there's a so-called "simple" solution that requires O(N * log^2(N)), and a more complex one that requires O(N * log(N)).
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    Here's a hint:

    If the problem was "Given an arbitrary function f(P, Q) of two points, find the pair of points that minimizes f(P, Q)", can you prove that the best algorithm is Θ(n²)?
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