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N00B Particle Physics Paper Help

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    Hey, I am a complete noob to the particle physics realm and I am writing a paper on the Higgs Boson and Higgs field. I was wondering if you could look over the following paragraph and tell me how it sounds...

    "Massive particles arise under cases of spontaneous symmetry breaking. This happens when a field which has certain invariances (or symmetries) is brought into a system, such as a vacuum with a Higgs condensate, that is noninvariant. This causes a spontaneous breaking of those symmetries, which means the field no longer behaves in an invariant manner with respect to those properties. Now, certain transformations will change the properties of the particle, whereas that would not have happened before symmetry breaking. Through this process, certain particles are given a mass by the Higgs field.9 When symmetry is not broken, the particle remains massless, as is the case with the photon and the electromagnetic force."

    Most of the info came from wikipedia (yea I know...) and this is the way I interpreted it. Now once again, I am an undergrad and havent gone too far in depth into any of these topics..that being said, feel free to rip it apart. I have thick skin. :tongue2:
    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    EDIT: Whoops...just realized I posted in the wrong area...sorry about that.
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