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N2+ hybrdization

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    N2+ is sp2 hybridiztion (it is scientifically correct)
    Can anyone explain this ?
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    Write its electronic configuration, draw its box configuration and see if you can make a hybrid orbital by combining some valence orbitals.
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    i tried but the hybridization of atom N (with positive charge) comes out to be sp.
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    Do you mean [itex] N_2^+[/itex] or [itex]N^{2+}[/itex], to begin with?
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    N2+.nitrogen molecule with 1 electron removed.
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    The choice of the hybridization of an atom in a compound is a freedom you have and not something that is determined by some scientific law. Why do you want to use hybrids at all in the description of this molecule? s orbitals are full and don't contribute to bonding in a first approximation.
    The two p_z orbitals along the molecule axis (z-axis) form a sigma bond and the rest of the electrons occupy the p_x and p_y orbitals forming a two and a one electron pi bond.
    Maybe bond energy increases somehow if you allow for some hybridization between the s and the p_z orbitals. However without quantum chemical calculations, it is hard to say to what extent hybridization will increase bond energy.
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