NaCl Density in lbm/ft3

  1. Calculate the density of NaCl at 20C in lbm/ft3 ?

    since no volume was given i was wondering if this can be done this way
    by using the Specific gravity which around 2.1x the referance density of solids/liquids which is 62 lbm/ft3 SG=p x pref

    or can this be done using the PV=nRT, i assume at 1 mole so V=RT since D=m/v

    i was also thinking of calculating the density using the FCC cube and go from there, I just think i' am making this problem seem harder than it is

    Any feed back is appreciated

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  3. Borek

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    PV=NRT is for ideal gases, not for soilds.

    If you are given specific gravity all you have to do is to convert from one units to another.
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    I just wanted to point out that you are given a volume... it says "in lbm/ft3". So you can assume a volume of 1 ft³.

    Borek is the chemistry expert here though, so follow his approach! :)
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