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News Nader tells youths to brace for draft

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    I see no real urgency for a draft, but should N Korea fire up, or China attacked Taiwan, that would certainly change things, wouldn't it?

    Off to war we may go.
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    Great way to trick people into voting for you...
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    You seem to have something in particular against Korea and China, in several posts. Why?
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    Have something against?
    No, more like examining very real possibilities for conflict.
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    Should North Korea fire up to the extent that major US military action is called for? Extremely unlikely to happen. Should China attack Taiwan? It isn't clear what the US would do. We have a treaty obligating us to protect Taiwan but the Bush Administration has publically sided with China on the issue of Taiwan independence from China (because Bush "supports" democracy... ha... ha...). Our military is currently overstreched tho'.... I say scale back our military presence in Europe to mitigate that problem.
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    just found this:
    http://congress.org/congressorg/issues/alert/?alertid=5834001&content_dir=ua_congressorg [Broken]
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    You are not going to the war Phatmonky.

    And don't exaggerate the threat of the PRC. It is still grappling with unemployment of 40 million people, insidious corruption and graft, wide spread AIDS, drugs and prostitution and a populace generally blinded by greed and ignorance and devoid of any sense of law or morality. All is not that well and a "don't mess with me, I am tough" front is only to be expected.
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    Phatmonky, as a United States Citizen is already at war. Furthermore, internal problems such as unemployment and poverty combined with ignorance has historically been a great launching pad for wars.
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    Threats, poverty, and territorial disputes have been the case for many wars in the past.
    The cold war was just a "don't mess with me, I am tough" front, wasn't it? ;)
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