Nakajima-zwanzig equation

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Ok, first of all, can someone explain to me exactly what the nakajima-zwanzig generalized master equation means for a layman?

Second, what physics do I need to know in order to understand it?

My E&M professor started talking about some crazy stuff after a recitation and it was really fascinating but I didn't understand most of what he said. He mentioned this equation. I'd go into detail but I'd probably sound like a fool and it probably wouldn't resemble what he was saying anyways...

Right now I have a year of classical mechanics and a year of E&M under my belt. What's the fastest way to get to the nakajima zwanzig?

I kinda want to discuss some stuff with my professor before my undergrad years are up (I'm a sophomore now) and I was hoping I could learn some of this before that discussion.

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