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Name for binning a variable with respect to another variable(s)

  1. Feb 17, 2012 #1

    Sorry if it's not the right place as this question is a bit generic.

    Let say we have N datapoint triplets xi, yi, zi.
    If we ask "how many points" there are in the interval X < x < XX and Y < y < YY (where X and Y are some gridpoints) -- then this is a 2D histogram.

    But in each such 2D bin there is some distribution of z values. How would you call a 2D map of the average (or whatever distribution moment) of the z values in the 2D bin around (X,Y)? I just can't think of the right term! It's not what I would usually consider interpolation.

    I'll be very happy if someone knows the name of this procedure.
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