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Name for blackbody curve?

  1. Jun 26, 2012 #1
    I was plotting some data and got a curve that was instantly recognizable as a blackbody radiation curve. The data has nothing to do with blackbody radiation though, and I was wondering if there was a more general name for this type of curve?

    To be clear, I mean a curve like these:
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    Planck curve, perhaps?

    Are you sure it's a true planckian distribution, and not just a bell curve or a 1/x^4?
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    I don't know what a planckian distribution is, but it has nothing to do with planck's constant. Just happened to look similar to blackbody radiation curves, with the non symmetry and long tail. Just kind of figured there was a more general name for that kind of curve, but guess not. Thanks for your help.

    Here's the plot, which I guess I should have attached in the first place:
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