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A Name of a phenomen ?!

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    Hi there.
    Long time ago i saw a video of a physical phenom. The procedure was : At the bottom we have something like a puck (a circle with thickness), which is rotating. And above with have a jar of water. And when we throw some dye. We can see that phenom : there is like an invisible cylindre that follow the circle at the bottom but in water. So we have the dye who spread everywear but not in this cylindre.

    I can't remember what was the name of the phenom, and i coudln't fint it with key-words on internet. Thanks for helping me.

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    Are you thinking of this?

    I'm not sure if there's a specific name for this, though it works because the ink doesn't spread much, and the flow of the fluid surrounding the ink is not turbulent.
    Instead of dissolved, I think one says that the ink is enfolded in the fluid.
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    To me it sounds like you may be describing a Taylor column. Try looking in the videos section of


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    Thanks for your response.
    Sorry jfizzix this not this.
    Jason, this was just like Taylor column but the object was not un the water. Your answer help me a lot
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