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Name of Function

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    The function defined over the real numbers as

    Code (Text):

    f(x) = {0, x rational
           {1, x irrational
    appears quite a lot in mathematics textbooks. Does anybody know if this function has a commonly accepted name?
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    Well, it's the characteristc function of the set of irrationals, [tex]\chi (R - Q)[/tex].
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    I've heard it called the "salt and pepper" function.
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    i've got a simple name and a mnemoic to remember it's name.

    name: the 0 if rational and 1 if irrational function.
    simple mnemoic: tziraoiif
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    that doesn't sound simple
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    What do you mean? I think it rolls right off the tounge.
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    Probably Dirchlet Function(Check Spelling)
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    Sure about that? The name Dirichlet has popped quite a number of time in my textbooks. I've never heard of Dirchlet.
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