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Name of game from my past?

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    When I was a kid my dad bought a game console "Dendy" but I think it was essentially a modified version of some kind of Nintendo. There was a game that I really loved to play but I do'nt remember it's name. The only thing I remember about it is the player is a guy who walks in some kind of house or castle and collects key and does other stuff. And at the end of the game there's a ship moving away towards horizon. Anybody knows the name of this game? What I typed in google I could not find it and I really want to play it again on emulator. Sorry but those are the only things I remember about the game. :shy:
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    I think it's name was something like "goodies" or something like that. For some reason the only word that comes in my mind is that, I may be wrong because that keyword did not result in good search results.
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    The Dendy was an unofficial copy of the NES, aiming at the russian market and ran bootlegged NES games, so looking at NES games will be the way to go.

    Classic games I can remember which include collecting keys and home/castle-like surroundings are Solomon's key, solstice, the goonies I and maybe the goonies II.

    Maybe also castle quest and little nemo, but I think the setting was different in little nemo and castle quest basically had no real ending at all.
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    'Sounds kinda like Alone in the Dark 2, maybe.

    Did the game you played have a 2D or a 3D environment? I think Alone in the Dark 2 was third person, 3D, with fixed camera angles.
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    it's GOONIES yes I was mistake only one letter and google didn't show it up because of one letter !!? :D thanks.
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