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Name of God The Source of our Existence

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    In the name of God
    The Source of our Existence


    Chapter I: Civility
    Chapter II: Adam and Eve Story of Paradise
    Chapter III: Moses Story is a Fiction
    Chapter IV: Christianity in Crisis
    Chapter V: A Plausible Philosophy of Soul
    Chapter VI: God Source of our Existence
    Chapter VII: Fate Argument
    Chapter VIII: Moses Story Hoax Argument
    Chapter IX: Sounds and Music Argument
    Chapter X: Is there a reason for Life?
    Chapter XI: Ancient Jewish Communities
    Chapter XII: Jesus Life and His Beliefs
    Chapter XIII: Jesus Message and Jesus Miracles
    Chapter XIV: Jesus and Judas Plan
    Chapter XV: Jesus Resurrection
    Chapter XVI: Jesus Movement after Jesus Crucifixion
    Chapter XVII: Apostle Paul and Brotherhood Communities
    Chapter XVIII: Destruction of Jewish Temple and Start of Christianity
    Chapter XIX: Paul's Vision on Damascus' Road, Jesus Resurrection
    Chapter XX: Islam in Crisis

    When religions are considered and discussed part of the politics, then the religions are a Political Issue.
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    Everybody in the world wishes to be called "Civilized".

    Our conscious minds in different cultures have different values and different standards, but it seems we have reach to that core definition for Civility which everybody agrees with. Some of the core definitions are spelled out as:

    Civility means full respect and advocate for Truth.
    Civility means full respect for acquiring knowledge.
    Civility means to live our lives with full respect for human equality and human dignity. Civility also invokes our obligation toward saving, improving, preserving the beauty of our environment for the future generations.

    Of course for any specific issue they need to be weighed in, which definition should take the precedent. These notions of Civility resonant with the core values in all cultures. Even though many cultures might not measure up for full measures of Civility but they all strive or at least they pretend to be interested in achieving the status of a Civilized Culture.

    I chose the title of "Civility" to measure up how our society is dealing with some of the hot subjects.

    In this discussion I intend to address some of the issues which are affecting the Civility of our society in a profound way. By looking at the title of each chapter you can imagine how limited, brief, and simplistic my arguments might be. Under each of these titles there are literally hundreds and thousands of books out there which they have tried to examine the issues in a very meticulous and detailed way. So by comparison I have tried to articulate my views in just few pages, and I hope in those few brief pages to offer a view which might settle some of those difficult issues in a very logical manner. Some readers might appreciate the logic of some of my arguments, in that case I appeal to them that it is our civil duty to see those arguments to succeed and create the necessary changes which profoundly impacts the welfare of our society. We can not be passive and allow the established authority to control the issues of our Faith for their own interests. We can not allow the authorities to abuse our Faith and present us with gross deceptions. The Faith issues are so vital for the Civility of our societies which they have to be dealt with utmost integrity. No deception should be permitted with these fundamental issues which are impacting the health and the welfare of our conscious mind.

    We have accepted that smoking is not good for public welfare, so government and various agencies are actively trying to limit the operation of the tobacco industry. However, some poisonous ideas which the Faith groups are using are damaging us far more than those tobacco industries. The deceptive Faith ideas are adversely impacting our Civility and our Liberty. The traditional Faith institutions have taken the control of some vital ideas and they are using them to extend their own self interest without any regards for the welfare and the interest of the general public. I do not mind their monopoly in the Faith issues if they had presented a genuine integrity in their behaviors. But these Faith establishments have shown least respect for the Truth and they have been more concern with their own domination and controls. It is so wrong that their bankrupt ideology to take control of the foundations of our vital Civility issues.

    Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a man, I was born in Mashad-Iran, and I am 59 years old. In 1972 I moved to US, in year 2000 I became US citizen. I got a B.S. degree from Tehran University in Physics. I got my M.S. degree from San Francisco State University in Jan 1975. I was born as a Muslim. I practiced and studied Islam up to age of 23. I saw many flaws and contradictions in Islam so I stopped practicing Islam. For long time I did not wanted to be bothered with religions. But I experienced few phenomena which made me to believe in the existence of God. These experiences could not be repeated for verifications, so they were totally subjective experiences and they only made sense to me. Only the people who have had similar experiences in their lives they could relate to these kinds of experiences. So I am not going to mention these subjective experiences in these discussions. In regard to my belief in God I can state my position this way: believing in God should not bind us to accept the Holy Books as DIRECT words from God.

    In my view the Holy Books are Man's wisdom about God and about human's nature which our ancestors had experienced in their lives and through the Holy Books they have tried to convey those findings to their descendents. The Holy Books touch something deep within their followers. Otherwise how could these fully contradictory materials endure so successfully in our scientifically modern societies?

    The center piece of the messages in the Holy Books is the "EXISTENCE OF THE CREATOR" and the Human's nature. But as we know very well the content of some of the stories are totally flawed. And the reason for this is so obvious; the ancient Men interpreted their own revelations based on their own patented prejudices and their own limited knowledge of the environment. For example at present time, similar revelations for some Israelis would be interpreted as to push out the Palestinians out of the Promised Land and clear the land for the Israelis' settlers, and similar revelations for some Palestinians would be interpreted as to kill the Israeli invaders at all costs and fight for their Home Land. In this context the Holy Books are not Holy at all!

    The same way that our modern science freed itself from those out-dated Religious teachings, our Religions also need to free themselves from suffocating control of the Holy Books. There is lots of wisdom in the Holy Books regarding Human's nature and our understanding about the Creator, but it is totally wrong to assume that God was directly the author of those books. This is a big sin to associate so much stupidity and ignorance to Mighty God. God is much Greater than that to make such stupid Mistakes. Actually, in this context the Holy Books are totally degrading the image of the Creator.

    Based on this background and making some educated guess I have suggested some plausible solutions for the mysteries of the Holy Books, which I like to share them with you. I think our intelligence has reached to the sophistication which a civil discussion in these fields could be possible without causing too much anxiety. I hope that you could tolerate the short coming of my writings and just focusing on the gist of my arguments.

    I do acknowledge this is an important and extremely difficult task which is affecting every one of us. These issues are woven into the fabrics of our societies and we are involved in these issues regardless of our own belief system. Everyday we get challenged for some of these issues. These issues are at our face if we like them or not. Everyday we need to adopt a position for some of these fundamental issues which are influencing our politics and social behaviors. There is no way to hide from them. So, at least for our own intellectual curiosity we need to digest the roots of these issues heads on, and resolve some of them to some degree of satisfaction. I do need help in this task, I appreciate your help.

    May God Bless us All,
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    Discussion of religious doctrine is not allowed at PF, due to its incendiary potential.

    I do, however, agree with you, that being religious should not mean to remain in the mental straight-jacket offered by the so-called "holy" books.
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    I'm afraid that specific discussion of Christian and Islamic beliefs is against forum guidelines.
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