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Name of IC tubes

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    What is the proper term for those tubes that DIP IC packages come shipped in? Searches on Amazon and Google are fruitless and Mouser/Digikey is hopeless unless you know exactly what you're looking for and exactly where it is. A link or even just the right words to use would be appreciated.

    Also looking for some rubber stoppers like the ones shown in the pic. Out of all the ways of stopping up the end I've had my ICs shipped with, those are the best.

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    I've always just called them IC tubes. Do you think there is another name for them?
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    It's not so much that I want to know what they're called, it's that I want to buy some and can't find them when I search for "IC tube". Amazon has nothing and Google comes up with references to some medical condition.
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    Ah. The helpful search term is anti-static. Try a Google search on anti static ic shipping tubes. I got lots of good hits. How does it work for you?
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    That's the magic word, thank you.
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