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Name of the steel alloy? ?

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    Name of the steel alloy?!!?


    can someone please tell me how can I find out the name of an alloy if I have its composition?
    Here are the percentages of each element inside:

    Composition in % (min ;max)
    C ( - ; 0.05)
    Si ( - ; 1.00)
    Mn (0.10 ;0.30)
    Cr (11.50 ; 14.00)
    P ( - ; 0.02)
    S ( - ; 0.005)
    Mo (1.50 ; 2.50)
    Ni (4.50 ; 7.00)

    I suppose it´s a martensitic or precipitation hardening steel, but I need the exact name/number according to which I could find it in industries (in case I decide to buy it).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Name of the steel alloy?!!?

    It looks like a PH13-5. It's close to some martensitic and semi-austenitic grades.

    Does it have any copper in it by any chance?

    One can find some similar grades in this table.
    http://www.euro-inox.org/pdf/map/Tables_TechnicalProperties_EN.pdf [Broken] (page 7 of 24 in pdf)
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    Re: Name of the steel alloy?!!?

    Be warned that there are about 10,000 different "named/numbered" steel alloys in use worldwide - so finding an "exact" match to the name will probably be impossible, unless you know who made it, or you restrict your search to the alloys that are commonly used for a particular applcation.
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    Re: Name of the steel alloy?!!?

    Thank you for your fast respond and sorry for not answering sooner. I was searching all over the internet to try to find anything about this PH13-5 alloy. Unfortunately, I wasn´t able to find anything about it.
    - Where did you just find the name of that alloy!? Thanks for the file, it´s really helpfull!! But is there a free software or smth similar where I can just type in the composition and that it gives me all the possibilities of the alloy names? The reason why I´m asking is because someone told me that it could be an alloy PH14-4?!?!?
    - the company which gave me these data, did not mention there is copper inside. I really doubt they know it cause they also got these data from another company...

    - You want to say that every industry that is involved in producing alloys has it´s own way of naming/numbering the alloys? Gosh.. I thought it was universal, for example, alloy 1.4404 has the same composition on every web site I looked at. Can you please clarify me that? I am not so much into this "labeling". ;)

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    Re: Name of the steel alloy?!!?

    Why don't you ask the supplier what standard their steel conforms with? If they aren't producing it to a standard or buying it from a forge that does and they cant provide Quality Assurance documentation then its probably not worth buying. BS 2HC 101:1989 is a British Standard for precipitation hardening chromium - nickel steels. If you can get a copy of that you could check its standard
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    Re: Name of the steel alloy?!!?

    Each supplier makes some standard grades, but then makes custom variants.

    On the PH13-5, I was following convention with respect to Cr-Ni weight %. Normally the Cr-Ni numbers are in the middle range. So an 18-8 stainless steel would have nominally 18% Cr and 8% Ni, but could have 17-18% Cr and 7-9% Ni. Manufacturers like a wide tolerance so they don't have to reject a lot (ingots/melts) of material.

    FYI - http://www.al6xn.com/SSSguide.pdf [Broken]

    PH13-5 would imply 11.5-14 (or tighter 12.5-13.5) Cr and Ni 4.5-5.5

    With Cr (11.50 ; 14.00) and Ni (4.50 ; 7.00), that's probably closer to a 13-6, and it's probably non-standard. There is Mo (1.50 ; 2.50), but there could also be copper, but not necessarily.

    15-5 PH Cr: 14-15.5, Ni 4.5-5.5 but also Cu: 2.5-4.5
    17-4 PH Cr: 15-17.5, Ni 3.0-5.0 and also Cu: 3.0-5.0

    14-4 PH Cr: 13.5 - 14.25, Ni: 3.75 - 4.75, but also Mo: 2.0 - 2.5 and Cu: 3.0 - 3.5

    13-8 (13-8 PH, or PH13-8 Mo)
    Cr: 12.25-13.25, Ni: 7.5-8.5 and Mo: 2.00-2.50

    There are handbooks or catalogs of steel products, but they can be quite expensive. There is one that has an extensive list of custom grades, but I can't think of it at the moment. I saved some sample pages somewhere.
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