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Homework Help: Name of these types of math questions

  1. Sep 13, 2009 #1
    kind of an odd questions, but I'm trying to remember these types of math questions, and what they were known as but i can't seem to recall. I'm pretty sure they were from Grade 12 Discrete Math class. The questions would be set up something like this: 5(10) or 2(3) and the answer to them would either be true or false. The answer would be true when dividing the numbers would produce a whole number (10/5=2) and it would be false if you divided them and they weren't whole numbers (ex: 3/2=1.5)

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    Simple arithmetic.
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    Divisibility problems are usually studied in elementary number theory (though they are very important in other topics in math such as group theory and discrete math). Topics such as modular equations are important for these types of problems.
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