Name or Label for the outer most point of a rotating object

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Hey all, I can't seem to find the answer anywhere, I'm not sure if I'm asking the right question though, if the name or label "Pivot" describes the rotational axis of an object is there a term or label used to describe the outer most point of the rotation?
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I see no one answered your question. I’m new to PF but think when there are no answers to a question that means the question is not worthy or is too difficult. For me, I think your question is worthy and too difficult but that never stopped me from answering as long as I admit up front that it is wobbly and for entertainment only. I am a retired engineer who early on found I was better at managing engineers than doing engineering so they made me the pointy haired boss. But I love science and especially physics.

If the object is a perfectly round then the outermost point is located everywhere on the surface and is called the “sphere” (as well as everything inside). For irregular shapes like a five sided polygon—I couldn’t find an answer. It may well be called, “The outermost point”. Really though, it should have a more techy name than that.

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