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Name your top football (soccer) squad 2009

  1. Jan 16, 2009 #1
    This is my all-world squad for 2009, in 4-4-2 formation:

    Van der Sar

    Evra - Vidic - Chiellini - Clichy

    Messi - Fabregas - Xavi (Hernandez) - Ronaldo

    Kaka - Ibrahimovic

    Think you have a better squad? Let's see it...
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    replace kaka with ronalo
    and make pato wih ibrahimovic
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    I think the real question comes next year.

    Which national squad for WC 2010?

    With so much inter-league play and so many international players worldwide not playing in their own country's leagues, it's a tougher thing to figure. Plus adding to that, the national squads then seem to have less opportunity to practice regularly.
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    Well, there's one squad I can think of that are English champions, European champions and world champions...
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    Haha, well, manchester united is a ridiculously good team, but still, I think the squads we are naming here would beat them. Granted... everybody is taking 2-3 players from Manchester, anyways.

    Jetlee - Ronaldo plays in the winger position. Weird, surprising, yes, I agree.

    Bernhardt - Yea I really like Ramos I think that may be a better choice for the full back position. I like how our midfield is exactly the same. Villa up front? Come on... is he really that good? I don't think so.

    Lowlypion - For what nation do you mean, or you mean, in general? I know what you mean though... it is kind of ridiculous that Marcos Senna played for Spain in the Euros, considering how key of a player he is.... everybody is just grabbing all the Brazilians they can get.
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    Certainly Man U is talent laden. C. Ronaldo hasn't been at top form for the year, but he's hard to leave off regardless.

    Personally I'd like to see a Del Piero in there as he is so creative inside the 18 yard box, and I do like Pato a lot for his speed and shot making.

    I like Van der Sar over Cech or Buffon, I don't see a lot of La Liga and so miss seeing players like Messi, Henry and GuĂ°johnsen. Or Villa who does score a lot, but I haven't seen anything of him this year with Valencia. My feeling is he is opportunistic and not overly fleet a foot. I'd leave him off a crowded squad.
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    Del Piero seems to be the King of free kicks as well, at least for this year. He does show a lot of creativity in link-up play, I've seen him sending headers facing the opposite direction which have been right on target, lots of crazy $hit like that. I only watch mostly the english premier league and italian serie A because that's all they show on the fox soccer channel (all i get in USA).

    Ronaldo I think has actually showed outstanding form. If you've watched his games you'll notice he's crossing like a madman and it's almost inevitable that he gets a ball through -- nobody can keep up with his change of direction, even though they know exactly where he's going to go. I think it's just a higher level of maturity in his play, in that he's doing more for the team this year and less selfishness on hitting the goal. However, it does seem like he hasn't been quite as "on target" -- lots of great shots, just inches wide, stuff like that -- so I suppose you are right that he still hasn't reached his old form.

    The real greatness in the Italian league (in my opinion) comes from their outstanding, tenacious midfielders like Gattuso, Pirlo, De Rossi, and also their terrific defensive players. Pato I think is really overrated. He's got great speed, technical ability, positioning, finishing, everything you would expect from a great striker, but he doesn't have a lot of intangibles, and he's nothing special in set-up play, like you see from the likes of Rooney or Ibrahimovic, who can be so devastating with their passes and assists.
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    All I get is FoxSoccer too. And I agree that Ronaldo is getting back in form as he's made some great crosses in recent games, though with his injuries early in the season it was never in the cards to see him score as much as last year. I'm hopeful he will be OK for next year WC, as it is a pleasure to see him play and Portugal will need him, though at times he's a bit of a hot dog and goes to ground too easily looking for free kicks for my taste.

    I really like Rooney, but at times he gets in a foul funk and gets mad too easily and it affects his play. He's a threat to get booted in a big game I think.

    Gattuso I think is a bit dirty and aggressive, I don't really like his play so much. Italy will have a top tier team in WC for sure, though they are susceptible to being muscled by the Northern European teams.

    As always I'd guess Brazil on form should be a favorite in the early going, but in recent years they have not been upto form in the later stages. I don't know whether it's coaching or practice or discipline or system or whatever, but for all their stars they seem to falter. They are in need of a Bill Bellichek to harness all their players is my guess.
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