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Names. ideas yea?

  1. May 10, 2008 #1
    this doesnt have much (at all) to do with science but i quess it could be a bit of a brain teaser. anyway. i need help with a new msn name/email thing. and i have absolutely no idea. maybe you could help?
    i like maths, computers, physics, electronics, art (strictly realistic, i hate abstract and i am quite skilled with it if i do say so myself), adrenaline (i love heights), running fast
    im christian, i love music (scremo, emo, heavy metal, electronica, techno, rock, death metal, black metal, alternative and indie but all of it is underground stuff)
    i quess you could call be grunge and im definently not a girly girl.
    i want to be an aeronautical/civil/mechatronics engineering when i leave school and uni.
    i dont really want something with brandy in it...partly because thats not my real name but hey.
    please and thank you!!!
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