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Names of these two compounds?

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    Could someone give the proper chemical names of the attached two compounds.
    Lots of thanks in advance.

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    Have you tried ChemSketch? Or chemspider.com?
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    The second structure looks like the hydrazone of 2-hydroxy-1-napthalenecarboxaldehyde or 2-hydroxy-1-napthalenecarboxaldehyde hydrazone
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    Maybe a little...? I don't see very much similarity...

    Based on the picture, I'm thinking that these are part of a biomolecular pathway involving gamma secretase, right? On a quick inspection (it's been a while since I did any biochem), it looks like your second compound might be the result of hydrolysis occurring in the first compound between the right-most nitrogen in the picture and the carbon to the right of it.

    You may want to look at various products, substrates, etc. of gamma secretase reactions; it is likely that your answer lies there.
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    For the second structure, chemspider.com loads the correct structure with the input name of 2-hydroxy-1-napthalenecarboxaldehyde hydrazone but it is also known as 1-hydrazonomethyl-2-naphthol. Your picture doesn't indicate which isomer, E or Z, it should be but if you were to include that, the name would also be 1-[(EorZ)-hydrazonomethyl]-2-naphthol.
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    Lots of thanks.
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