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Homework Help: Naming BaHPO3?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Name the following compound:

    2. The attempt at a solution
    Im confused on whether it is:
    BaHPO3-->barium hydrogen phosphite?
    BaHPO3-->barium phosphonate? OR
    BaHPO3-->barium phosphite?

    Or am i completely wrong with all 3 guesses?
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    The acid would be phosphorous acid, H2PO3 (-ic would have one more hydrogen and oxygen, H3PO4). Because of this, when combined with a metal cation, the suffix becomes -ite. Barium Phosphite. Hydrogen does not need to be mentioned because it is assumed that it's an acid derivative from the suffix -ite.
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    Phosphorous acid is H3PO3. -ic means one hydrogen less, -ous means one oxygen less.

    You need to mention hydrogen to be able to differentiate between Ba3(PO3)2 and BaHPO3, which will be otherwise indistinguishable.
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