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Homework Help: Naming of isomers.

  1. Feb 25, 2016 #1
    My teacher taught me to use the word "iso" and "neo" as perfix.
    Is it okay if I use the word "neo" for the all isomers of all the alkanes and alkenes like hexane,heptene etc.?
    Like for pentane we have iso pentane and neo pentane
    But for hexane we have names like 2,3 dimethylbutane.
    Is that really necessary? Can't I just use the word neo and say it is neo hexane?
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    I think you mean 'prefix'.
    In general, no. There is a specific nomenclature developed for naming organic compounds, which is formulated by IUPAC.
    You should study the structure of these compounds:

    The more complex an organic compound is, the more isomers it will generally have. The name 2,3 dimethylbutane refers to a specific structure for one isomer of hexane. Hexane has five different isomers, including the straight chain n-hexane.


    Yes, it is really necessary to avoid confusion when discussing different isomers which have the same chemical formula.

    You could call all your friends 'Bill', but the ones who are not named Bill would get confused.

    Here is an illustration of when it is proper to use the prefixes iso- and neo- when referring to different isomers:

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    Thank you,steam king.I just referred the website.I'll just work some more so that I get it all right !
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