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NAND gates circuit

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    Hey all,

    How can I draw a diagram of some logic circuit that will light an LED if either or both the left
    and right door of a car are open and if the driver is seated ?

    Assume that the doors and seat are equipped with switches, and that only NAND gates are available. ( My circuit should also be as simple as possible).

    Im kinda lost in what I have to do, any words of wisdom?

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    Try drawing it first with whatever gates you want. You should be able to convert everything to NAND gates after.
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    Yes, you can do that.

    Have a look at this article in Wikipedia about making other gates from NAND gates.

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    Thanks all,

    Is the driver`s condition (seated or unseated ) considered as the third input?
    I mean, the first input is right door, the second input is the left door, and the third input is the driver?
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    Yes, all 3 inputs need to go into your circuit.
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