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Nano batteries?

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    Hope this is the correct forum for this... :uhh:

    I ran across this today. I've begun researching what companies are doing to replace our current dry cell batteries used in electronic devices. This is the first reference I've seen of a so called nano battery. Anyone with experience here think something like this could work? Thanks, I'm really interested in the opinions held by members of this forum. A lot of knowledge here...

    http://www.mphasetech.com/nanotechnology.htm [Broken]

    More in-depth:
    http://www.mphasetech.com/PDF/Nano%20Grass%20Tech%20White%20Paper.PDF [Broken]
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    Do I have this in the wrong forum? I see people checking this out but no responses. Thanks.
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    As far as I understand, this paper is not about nanobatteries, but it is about some controllable wetting behaviour. To make a nanobattery one needs to find out how this experiment could be reproduced with some real materials used in wet batteries. Because the idea is to use controllable wetting, the first step would be to collect the known information about the wetting properties of known battery materials and, in parallel, to specify the properties of the desirable battery.
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    Speaking of batteries and nanotechnology, one of the more amazing thing I have read about are microfabricated turbines; they give you about 5 Watts with a 4.2 miillimeters rotor, which you can even attach to a nanodynamo if you want to get electricity.
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