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Nano particles and nano clusters

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    what are the differences between nano particles and nano clusters?
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    nano clusters are a group of nano particles (= nano-atoms) with certain specific properties and of a few nanometres in dimension. Check this site for more info :
    http://nanoatlas.ifs.hr/nanocluster.html [Broken]

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    I am not sure whether nano clusters can be defined as a group of nano particles..as far as I know clusters are group of atoms(it can start from 3 atoms) to 10,0000 atoms or even more large enough to be called as a bulk matter!!...but nano particles can be of same dimension..is n't it? if you call nano cluster as a collection of nano partilcles that is not meaning full no??
    what is your openion?
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    have you guys read about nanobes? pretty interesting, as in originally thought to be too small to contain DNA or RNA, but apparently living anyway, and even more intriguing that nanobes have been found inside a meteorite from mars...sort of supportive of pangenesis theory.
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