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Nano technolgy now i know the basics

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    ok in my freshmen enlgish class (this dose have soemthign to do with nano technology just wait) we have to come up with some topics becuase we are adventually doing persawseve essays/speechs ok so why not do soemtghing that no one in the class has any concept of...nano technolgy now i know the basics and will do more reasearch but I havent relaly found a problem with it I know people have protested it's reasearch but whats he problem money?

    THank you in advance.
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    I think the general half-baked fear of nanotechnology is that it will self-replicate and soon take over the world in a bad Star Trek episode scenario. These concerns haven't really had any impact on research. The main thing slowing it down is the lack of money, and that it's just plain hard. There's more and more money going into it recently from computer companies, but like Feynman said, "there's plenty of room at the bottom." To complicate things further, there was recently a major scandal involving a high profile nanoelectronics scientist who faked his results.
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    ok good, I also just read people are afirand of its uses in a military type group. Like a mini assasination device or biological warfair.
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    Or tracking devices small enough to be injected by needle under the skin. This is possible with nanotechnology, correct?
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    whoa i dident even think of that...wow nanotechnology is one of the only things I have ever known about that could actualy be used for complete good and complete bad
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    Re: Nanotechnology

    1. The only problems with nanotechnology are the people stoping it from being used.

    2. Uhm, no offense but, be sure to have someone spell check your paper bud:

    persawseve = persuasive
    adventually = eventually

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    1. And the huge potential risk factors of such systems let loose, and hence the neccessity for alot of caution, and careful control at all stages.

    2. stoping = stopping :wink:

    I don't buy the tracking device thing though. It doesn't seem to matter whether the tracker is a nanobot, or an radioisotope which is already being used.
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