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Nano technology - anti slip

  1. Feb 15, 2009 #1
    I slipped on ice and broke my wrist.

    Given our collective knowledge of the physics of slipping, isn't it possible that nano techology exists that allows us to add a non-slip substance to the soles of boots and shoes?

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    Hello, and welcome to PF.

    Well, "how big is your pocket book?" I am working with a group that is developing spray-on nanotech coatings for hoses. The resulting structures look like they could provide significant traction on ice. I don't know what pressures they can withstand yet.
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    If the product can be easily applied, I'd love to know more. There would seem to be several excellent markets for a really good non-slip product. Is there company information or a website I can go to?

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    We use nano-technology in our product to create and anti-slip coating for any surface/floor. It creates a rough texture. It contains particle sizes of between 9-12 microns and this is mixed into an epoxy or PU binder. Its called Skidproof and we market it in the UK.
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