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Nano- Vs. Bio-, Technology Vs. Engineering

  1. Jul 24, 2010 #1
    I have two questions:

    1.) I am interested in nanoscience, specifically in the future development of nanobots and nanofactories. However, from what I've gathered from researching the field, this technology is apparently far off. Nanotechnology at the present seems to be focused on designing nanoparticles to be used in pharmaceuticals and other products, which doesn't interest me as much. Biotechnology, on the other hand, is an emergent field that is experiencing tremendous growth at the moment. I am interested in biomimicry, which I thought was part of biotechnology, and where there is the potential to build artificial systems reverse-engineered from exist biological ones, such as artificial neurons for a brain/computer interface or artificial plant leaves for solar power. However, biotechnology seems to be primarily focused, one again, on pharmaceuticals and designer medicines to cure diseases, something that doesn't necessarily pique my interest. I'm wondering what the projected growths are for these two fields (if nanotechnology won't be booming for another 10-15 years, I probably won't enter that field), and if biotechnology is the better option at the moment in terms of employment and growth. At this point in time, physics intrigues me, and has drawn me to nanotechnology, but this is subject to change pending on what the opportunities/costs are for each field. I'm attempting to pin down a college major, and am interested in physics, chemistry and biology. Any help will be greatly appreciated, especially from anyone who has worked/studied in either of these fields.

    2.) I can't seem to find a satisfactory description of the differences between technology and engineering for the two fields mentioned above, and was wondering if anyone knew of one.
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