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Homework Help: Nanomaterial project

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    Hi I have been given a project on Nanomaterials. I searched it on net and got some information but it is too less. I need to write atleast 10 pages. I was wondering what all to include in it (like list of sub-topics). And also if someone could tell me some books and/or websites I could refer to (websites preferred).

    Also, i would like someone to explain me about nanotechnology and also relationship between nanotechnology and nanomaterials.

    Another question is that if I write about nanotechnology, quantom dots, etc. would I deviate from the topic?

    Thankin in anticipation....

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    Nanomaterials typically have little to do with miniature submarines flying around your blood vessels using nano-laser beams to....

    Anyways, nanomaterials are simply materials which are made using nano-sized particles. I am vaguely familiar with sputtered thin metallic films, which are nanomaterials. Our university does research on metal nitrides. These use a process called sputtering to create them.

    In a nutshell, here's how sputtering works. A substrate is placed inside a vaccuum chamber. Cryogenic pumps remove air until the pressure is near absolute zero (this is done to remove impurities in the chamber). In our case, nitrogen and argon are trickled into the chamber. An extremely large electrical bias is put between plates at the top and bottom of the chamber. The large voltage creates a plasma state in the argon. It whips the nitrogen around the chamber which hits a target at the top of the chamber. Think billiard balls at the molecular level. The nitrogen combines with the metal and falls onto the rotating substrate below it.
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