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Nanoparticles vs Colloids

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    Hello everybody :smile: I'm not sure if this topic exists but I'm really confused about this thing :shy:
    I have to write some work about electrostatic stabilisation in nanomaterials and I read a lot but couldn't find anything directly related to nanoparticles.
    I found only electrostatic stabilisation in colloids, so I'm not sure if nanoparticles could be considered as colloidal system. :confused: Could anyone define me how the colloidal systems are related to nanomaterials?

    Thank you very much :shy:
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  3. Jan 17, 2012 #2
    A collection of nanoparticles dispersed in some media is a colloidal system. Nanoparticle is just a fancy new name, a bit overused to make grant applications look more attractive.
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