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Nanospd5 call for papers

  1. May 7, 2010 #1
    Well, this is NOT the official representer. But info is always good, isn't it? :tongue:

    Nanospd, so called nano-materials processed by severe plastic deformation is a developing industry nano production method. It is also the name of one of most influence academic conference for this research area. (See www.nanospd.org)

    The 5th of NanoSPD conference will be held in Nanjing, China, 2011.

    It is great honor the leaders in this area like Prof. T. G. Longdon and Prof. Ruslan Z. Valiev and a lot of other figures will present in this conference.

    Details can be found at www.nanospd5.org

    Also it will be a opportunity to get the true felling of Chinese academic research and industry.

    Welcome, monsieur le président, mesdames :biggrin:
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