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Nanotechnology and it's applications

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    Surely the computer will become the single most important development in the past century. However an off-shoot of atomic fission may in a superficial way point to as dramatic discovery. "If you get enough bodies working towards a common goal then it will be accomplished." Nanotechnology has at its core the principle that given the magnitude in numbers and technological complexity things that could not have been accomplished before can now be performed.

    To what uses do you think Nanotechnology can be applied?
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    Fixing problems in our bodies, spying, self-healing materials, other stuff
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    Artificial hairs that change color and length whenever you want.
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    You're all thinking too small... :wink:

    1. Allowing on site manufacture to take place for all produces. No longer will you use factories to actually make stuff, and then buy it etc. You simply carry a bit of nano-gloop with you and order it to build things for you as you go along. The end of manufacturing industry as we know it?
    2. Multi-tools. You don't need to carry a tool for each job anymore. You can carry one versatile tool using naoscale engineering to fulfilling any task you wish.
    3. Life engineering. Yep, robots in our bloodstream. Should revolutionalise medicine, replacing antibiotics with adaptable mechanical immune systems? We would be able to manipulate at the cellular level, perhaps even smaller...
    4. Warfare. Well, bombs filled with reproducing nanobots would present a far greater threat than atom bombs do today. And all nations would jump at the chance to destroy the earth even more swiftly...:frown:
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    Boy I wish I could tell you about the work we are doing.

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    I wish you could too !

    I can see no end in sight for the discoveries and technologies that science is bringing. I don't know much about the current state of it, but it seems to me that nanotechnology could truly be revolutionary...
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