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Homework Help: Nanotechnology paper

  1. May 20, 2009 #1
    Hello there. Im not sure if this is the right place to post but anyway...

    I was asked to make a paper for my solid state course concerning one of the following subjects :

    1) Nanotechnology
    2) Organic Electronics
    3) Organic Semiconductors
    4) Spintronics

    I am not sure which one i will choose, just wanted some guidance as to what would be most interesting to explore given this opportunity. I realise that Nanotechnology for example is something very general, so im looking for some info about the latest projects in this field. Solid state has never really been in my area of interest so i could use some info as to where i should focus. I would really like to avoid a copy-paste "wikipedia" paper.So any articles concerning the above or any help of any kind would be welcome.

    Im sorry if i wasn't very clear, my limited knowledge in this area is obvious, i guess.Thank you in advance for reading.
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    it does sounds general, but it’s weird to directly point up the latest projects in this field, unless if you want to write about this specific topic. if your paper is going to be about nanotechnology in general, you should preview the advantages of nano materials compared with the bulk ones, synthesis methods, the improvement it shows in devices performance and potential applications and so on. I suggest you read this;

    # Nanotechnology: shaping the world atom by atom [12 pages]<------good and general
    link: http://www.ebookspdf.com/science/5552/nanotechnology-shaping-the-world-atom-by-atom/" [Broken]

    # Nanocrystalline materials and coatings [88 pages]<-------most of it about synthesis methods
    link: google it.

    good luck
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    Hey, thanks for fast reply.

    No i dont intend to go too deep but i would like to mention a few things about latest projects after making a introduction to the subject. And since i have absolutely no idea about what those solid state ppl are on about, i thought to give it a try and ask for some suggestions here.
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