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Napster to go

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    30 days free, unlimited downloads, and then 15$/mo after. Seems a bit questionable to me since they were just selling songs at 99 cents per, and albums at about 10$ per. Anyone tried this service yet? From what it looks like to me they seem to be teamed up with ms, which makes me a bit weary.

    I just want to be able to download music to my harddrive, or burn it to a cd, and then convert it to mp3, or ogg, if it does not come in that format, and play it on my computer. Seems like it may come in wma format :uhh: I do have a computer with xp, so I am not worried about that; however, I will be playing the music on a linux machine, but I do not think this will be a problem, after I have downloaded the music and changed the format.

    To those of you who may know, would I be able to do this easily? Also, are there any hidden fees or anything like that?

    Also, I would be downloading early-mid 90s gangster rap, probably by the album, but I think most of the cds will be on there, and I can check before hand of course.
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    The new napster service is a rental service. Once you stop paying the $15 per month you lose all your songs.

    http://marketwatch-cnet.com.com/Napster%2527s+%2527rental%2527+music+service+takes+on+iTunes/2100-1025_3-5561647.html?type=pt∂=marketwatch-cnet&subj=news [Broken]

    I would stick with itunes or other methods
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    Ahh ok, that makes sense. I knew there had to be something like that. Thanks
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    So you don't get to keep the music dld-ed when it was free.You lose it once you don't pay...That's sadistic... :yuck: :grumpy:

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