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Narrowing down my career.

  1. Nov 27, 2009 #1
    I've thought about being a photographer, film director, actor, engineer, physicist, mathematician, pilot, entrepreneur, etc... But I can't pick. My personality type is INTP which means I like working alone and on my own projects. With that in mind and my interests I think a Photographer, Engineer, Physicist, or Mathematician would be the ideal choice. I have 2 years under my belt in college. All mostly math(Diff. EQ. and Phy 2). I can see myself really thinking deep on some math theory or physics problem. I mean, when I was young I would be the kid taking apart everything. Like the door knob/lock, computer, building k-nex sets, etc... I love to build things and assemble. I love the challenge when someone says it can't be done. I am very spatial/visual too. So, any helpful comments on what direction I should take?

    I have two years until I finish my degree(in ?). Maybe I'll go for my masters or PHD. Also, would someone like me who doesn't work and has no real official experience in engineering be given an internship somewhere? I feel overwhelmed right now. Thanks
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    Sounds like you'd be happy in science or engineering. If you plan on just getting a bachelor's degree, engineering is the most valuable in the marketplace, I think.
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    I was thinking film due to it's creativity factor. But, I found out engineering requires a lot of creativity as well. So, with all the math i've taken I might as well go for it. Though, the particular major I choose will help determine where I move to and hence what university to apply to. And, yes, I've also heard that engineers start off with the highest base salary. Thanks!
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    Yeap engineering sounds good
    Which branch are you planning on doing?
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    See http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos027.htm. Search also for your other options on that website. Companies don't expect you to have prior experience when applying to internships and many larger companies especially will take interns as soon as their first summer. By the time you graduate though, many jobs will require that you have had an internship. There is some more good info on engineering jobs and internships at http://www.trincoll.edu/StudentLife/CareerServices/students/eng_resources/ [Broken]. See especially the "Everything You Need to Know..." paper. There is a lot of other good info out there too.
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