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Narrowing down my choices for transferring

  1. Aug 7, 2008 #1
    Okay. . .I want to see what my options are. I want to major in Mathematics (pure) and Physics. If I only stay one year I'll have Calculus 1 and maybe Calculus 2 under my belt, thats as far as math goes. I don't even think I'll have any Physics taken care of but after just one year my gpa will probably be closer to a 4.0. If I stay for the second year ill have for Math:

    Calculus/Analytic Geometry 1, 2, & 3
    Differential equations
    Linear Algebra
    Intro to Discrete Math

    there is a class (which I will take if possible) called "Selected Topics in Mathematics.": "Topics to be determined in advance by the department from one or more of the following areas: Chaos & Fractals, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Number Theory, Numerical Analysis, Topology, Complex Variables, Probability Theory, Statistics, and Logic."

    Should I also take a Computer Science class or Statistics?

    And in Physics(If I decide to keep the double major.):
    Analytic Physics 1, 2, & 3

    Now, like I said, I want to get into the best school I can possibly get into. I have a lot of schools in mind but 99% are out of state (which makes it harder). I need to know my chances.

    The majority are in California(UC schools), which makes it even more difficult because they really cater to CaliCC schools. But lets say a gpa of 3.0 - 3.5 and an A.S In Mathematics (and maybe Physics) what are my options out of this list. Yes, some of these are long shots but, if I don't apply at all, it's a definite no. These are all my top choices and I need to know exactly what they're looking for. Besides a 4.0 and deep pockets.

    Boston U
    Cal Tech
    Carnegie Mellon
    Harvey Mudd
    James Madison U
    San Diego SU
    UC Berkeley
    UC Davis
    UC Irvine
    UC Los Angeles
    UC Santa Barb
    UC Santa Cruz
    U Delaware
    U Florida
    U Maryland
    University SoCal

    I have a few fall backs, Rutgers is one of them (I'm guaranteed admission).
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