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NASA Marshall Fact Sheets

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    Of particular interest to members of this forum:

    In-Space Propulsion

    Advanced Chemical Propulsion (PDF, 129 KB)
    Aerocapture (PDF, 620 KB)
    Antimatter Propulsion (PDF, 166 KB)
    Ceramic Matrix Composite Turbine Disks (PDF, 68 KB)
    Fission Propulsion (PDF, 72 KB)
    Ion Propulsion (PDF, 318 KB)
    Lightweight Foam Core Systems for In-Space Applications (PDF, 76 KB)
    Momentum-Exchange Electrodynamic Reboost (MXER) Tether (PDF, 557 KB)
    Opening the Space Frontier: In-Space Propulsion Technologies (PDF, 2.0 MB)
    Propulsion Research Laboratory (PDF, 420 KB)
    Solar Electric Propulsion (PDF, 615 KB)
    Solar Sail Propulsion (PDF, 137 KB)
    Ultra-Light Tank Technology (PDF, 223 KB)

    Launch Vehicles, Historical

    Hypersonics (PDF, 277 KB)
    Low Cost Technologies

    Advanced Propulsion, Historical

    Integrated System Test of an Air-breathing Rocket (PDF, 3.00 MB)
    Pulse Detonation Rocket Engines (PDF, 393 KB)

    Next Generation Launch Technology

    Integrated Powerhead Demonstrator (PDF, 113 KB)

    Next Generation Launch Technology, Historical

    Next Generation Launch Technology Program (PDF, 88 KB)
    TR107 Engine Technology Summary (PDF, 168 KB)

    X-Vehicles, Historical

    X-33 Advanced Technology Demonstrator
    X-33 Flight Operations Center
    X-34: Demonstrating Reusable Launch Vehicle Technologies
    X-37 Demonstrator to Test Future Launch Technologies in Orbit and Reentry Environments (PDF, 2.0 MB
    X-37 Historical Fact Sheet (PDF, 1.8 MB)
    X-38 Deorbit Propulsion System (PDF)

    Enjoy. :biggrin:
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    I'm busy as all-get-out at work, but I'll sure check that out when I get a chance. Thanks, Bud.
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    Hi Astronuc.

    Thanks for the incredible reading material.

    One question though.

    Should Antimatter be stored at facilities that matchs the security of NORAD?
    Keep it buried under a mountain in a Strengthened Facility?

    Terrorist Prevention against incoming 747s.

    Losing containment because of some nut sounds horrifying.:bugeye:
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