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NASA USRP Information

  1. Sep 2, 2007 #1
    Hello all. I'm currently in my junior year as a physics/computer science double major. I got REALLY lucky and had a professor develop an interest in me my freshmen year. I've done summer research with him the past two summers and have loved it. Next summer, however, I want to branch out and really challenge myself. This desire, and the fact that NASA has always fascinated me (what Phys undergrad isn't in love with NASA in one way or another?), led me to find out about the NASA Undergraduate Student Research Project (USRP).

    I about passed out when I first read about it. It was perfect! A NASA research program geared towards undergraduates. So I am hoping some of the more experienced physicists on this board can tell me about all those things that the internet doesn't. First of all, I would LOVE to hear from anyone that actually participated in the program. Mainly, I'm wondering just how competitive it is. In addition to this, I'm curious about a ballpark estimate of housing cost and perhaps the kind of housing that is offered. Really, anything anyone can tell me about the program that's not on their website (http://www.vsgc.odu.edu/Menu3_1_3.htm [Broken]) would be GREAT.

    Just in case it might help, here is some potentially relevant information about me:
    -(As stated above) Junior year with a Physics/Computer Science double major
    -4.0 GPA (so far... knock on wood)
    -Have had two summers of research experience, working with LABView to write programs
    that take and analyze data from a large ring laser gyroscope.
    -Unfortunately I don't have much "Club and activities" experience that applications always
    ask about.
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