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Nascsh project Need help

  1. May 22, 2014 #1
    This is my concept project, it stands for North American Superconductor Superhighway.

    I have alot of details figured out, however my physics is a bit rusty, Station 1 is projected to be in Brooklyn.. Station 2 is projected to be in NEWARK.. The Exact Distance is yet to be determined however for this question lets use the rough estimate of 14.9 Miles.

    I am still conceptualizing propulsion methods, however just to give you an idea this SuperHighway
    will be a very large tunnel, which will be subterranean through cities and above ground through rural/open lands. (think L.H.C.)

    The tunnel will be an absolute vaccuum to remove air resistance, so remember that in this equation. The concept will be for freight, human passengers will be introduced after a large duration of time and experimentation to ensure we can travel safely.

    Inside the tunnel will be 4-8 superconducting rails, to ensure the freight car stays on track utilizing the meissner effect, and have a 360 degree frictionless track.

    I am still conceptualizing the propulsion system 1.

    Model 1 would be least expensive..
    Superconductor magnets cooled by liquid helium at each station to "repel" another superconductor magnet attached at the end of the freight cars...

    So here is a simple illustration of the freight car..


    This Freight Car will travel from Brooklyn to Newark in the Tunnel.

    New York Station {++--} → [+]-{---}-{---}-{---}-{---}-{---}-[-]

    How much force required to send this freight cart
    With an Estimated Weight of 100,000 Tons to Newark 14.9 miles away in 10 seconds

    Please take into consideration their is no/minscule air resistance and no friction from its super conductor track...
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  3. May 22, 2014 #2
    Of course another magnet will be waiting in newark to slow the freight car down to a stop so freight cars can be exchanged and it is sent to the next station in Scranton PA. First I just want find the amount of force needed to be generated by the superconducting magnet in nY to reach newark at that velocity...
    I know F= Ma Mass = 90718474 D = 23979.23 a = 2397.92 m/s So the total force would be 217,535,915,329.502 Newtons how large and much electricity would be need to create magnets capable of reaching that amount force.. Or should I abandon this propulsion idea and look at something more similar to rail gun.. (more expensive but much safer)
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