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Natario Warp Drive

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    There are two solutions to Einstein's equations that allow for warp drive. One is the Alcubierre warp drive and the other is the Natario warp drive.

    What is the difference? Is the Natario warp drive better suited for a real life application than the Alcubierre warp drive? Here is a paper in which something of this is explained I think. Sadly I know too little about this to understand it. Maybe someone who understands this can write an answer to my questions :)

    (btw, they agree with White)
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    Looks like you posted this on another site too:

    http://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/147447/natario-warp-drive [Broken]

    Warp drives are speculative science right now as they depend on exotic matter to warp spacetime which is something we don't even know exists.
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    They are all
    Here is a better reference for the Natario spacetime:

    It is essentially just a generalization of the Alcubierre spacetime. Natario proves that any warp drive spacetime will have negative energy density, so that means that none of them are suited for real-life application at present or in the forseeable future.
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