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News National Debate/International Controversy

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    GOD HAS WARNED THIS NATION through his servant, Herbert W. Armstrong. But our people have shown the typical indifference. The SHOCKING TRUTH hasn't really fazed them or sunk in! We're carrying on in our own ways, business as usual, just like in the days of Noah and the time of Lot.

    We're not convinced, we're not convicted, we're complacent! We don't feel in any mortal danger, or sense an urgent need for national reforms. We rest secure in our religion, sleep in our pews, and dream repentance isnt for us, it's for the other guy. We're hard working, decent people - at least in public. What some parade in the streets, others practice in private.

    "God wouldn't condemn us, Europe couldn't conquer us, you're just being alarmist, crying wolf like all the others." But what if this time it's for real? What if God's really warning us: "BEWARE THE BEAST OF EUROPE?" Maybe our religious practices aren't so acceptable to God, but does that mean He'd let us lose a war over it? Get taken captive and sent away as slaves? Yes, believe it or not! But this time Jesus Christ will save Israel! He's our Supreme Judge (Isa. 25:9)!

    Two controversial figures will boldly declare GOD'S JUDGMENTS and proclaim the LORD'S CONTROVERSY (Micah 3:8; 6:1-2), delivering a BLISTERING MESSAGE and a SCORCHING CONDEMNATION - just before NUCLEAR FIRE AND BRIMSTONE RAINS DOWN upon those who've rejected GODS ULTIMATUM (Isa. 41:27; 30:27)! The wise will hear this THUNDER and take shelter (Rev. 10; Prov. 27:12).
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    So..... you're saying you belong to a cult?
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    This guy's threads are becoming increasingly nonsensical, as he claims that the Two Witnesses will come soon, but he has not explained why there don't appear to have been any of the Great Plagues or the army of 200 million horse men to kill a third of the people, which must occur before they come. Notice that Rev9:13-16 comes before Rev 11:3.
    The only mentioning of an army of 200 million horse men, which are figuratively refered to by the 4 angels (described previously):
    The first mentioning of the two witnesses:
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